Delta Lien Solutions, LLC has a paperless web-based operating system that allows for easy and fast file transfers through our business Dropbox© account. Once representation is established you are presented with a specific list of documents we require in order to provide an effective defense against invalid and valid activated liens. These documents could include but are not limited to settlement agreements, medical reports, denial or acceptance notices and MPN declarations (if applicable) and any liens and lien communications in your possession. See a complete list of documents HERE.

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Complete Lien File Representation

Delta Lien Solutions, LLC will take the burden of lien negotiations and administrative litigation off your hands or away from that high priced panel law firm. Delta is not a law firm but provides complete file handling from lien research through lien trial which allows us to charge much less than a law firm. Our trained and experienced HEARING REPRESENTATIVES will review and establish an effective plan of action for resolving each lien based on the facts of the case, labor code laws and state regulations as required by the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). Recommendations will be made and the file will be pushed through towards settlement in the most efficient and cost effective manner. From legal filings, to order compliance and responses, settlement conferences to lien conferences and even full lien trials. Delta has you covered

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Contract Appearances

Did an MSC or status conference come up with short notice? Or did an appearance date sneak up on you while you were busy working other files? Do you have a single lien conference to address a late filed lien and don’t have anyone to cover for you? Delta is here to help. In some cases as little as 48 hours notice is all we would require to show up and represent your interests and prevent potential costs and sanctions for missing an appearance. Our flat rate fee* would include digital file review, plan of action statement, travel, the appearance and the follow up hearing report for your file. Don’t miss another hearing or pay too much to call one of your panel firms. Call Delta!

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Document & Settlement Walk-Throughs

Quick and hassle free walk-through appearances for your time sensitive legal filings. We will date/time stamp and file your compromise & release, stipulation settlement agreements, declarations of readiness, or other time sensitive documents for one low flat fee. See below for boards currently covered by our offices.