About us

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Delta Lien Solutions, LLC

is not a law firm but was created specifically to provide professional lien solution options for California Workers Compensation Defendants. Our trained and experienced team of Negotiators and Hearing Representatives are focused on providing “forward momentum” handling of lien files to assure efficient and cost effective file closures.

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Our clients don’t want to keep files open longer than they need to be. Delta is focused on “forward momentum” handling of case files, which means the objective is to have something in process on each file, whether it is continued and aggressive negotiations, lien conferences or lien trials. Files DO NOT sit on shelves and drain your reserves with no results.

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Cost Effective

In many cases the financial exposure for outstanding liens on a file could far exceed the exposure experienced in the initial case-in-chief. Delta’s low and competitive rates means you won’t have to be concerned with reserve busting legal invoices anymore and can focus on working your files. Delta also provides flat rate lien file handling services that allow you to move cases forward without having to activate high priced legal panels. See our pricing page for more information.