Aggressive and Cost Effective Lien Solutions for California Work Comp Defendants,Because...#LiensSuck

Delta Lien Solutions, LLC was created to provide professional lien solution options for California Workers Compensation Defendants
AggressiveDelta's goal is to move files towards closure in an efficient manner, which means the objective is to have something in process on each file, whether it is continued and aggressive negotiations, lien conferences or lien trials. Files DO NOT sit on shelves and drain your reserves with no results.
Cost EffectiveIn many cases the financial exposure for outstanding liens on a file could far exceed the exposure experienced in the initial case-in-chief


Complete Lien File Representation

Delta Lien Solutions, LLC will take the burden of lien negotiations and litigation off your hands or away from that high priced panel law firm

Contract Appearances

Did an MSC or status conference come up with short notice? Or did an appearance date sneak up on you while you were busy working other files?

Document & Settlement Walk-Throughs

Quick and hassle free walk-through appearances for your time sensitive legal filings. Also ask us about PARTY DISMISSAL services in cases of wrongful joinders.



$350 flat rate**

  • Includes one-time appearances for a mandatory settlement conferences, status conference and lien conferences at listed boards
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File Representation


  • Price includes any and all tasks required to expedite file closure from negotiations to final lien trials
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$250 flat rate**

  • Includes one-time appearance to time stamp and file settlement documents, declarations of readiness and other time sensitive documents at listed boards
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Delta Lien Solutions, LLC